Tour de Suisse Stage 5 data summary: Peter Sagan, Ben King and Michael Albasini analysed
Peter Sagan on his way to victory on Stage 5 (Tim De Waele/Corbis via Getty Images)

Velon was tracking data from a selection riders on Stage 5 the Tour de Suisse. Here, we analyse the performance of some of the riders we followed.

Peter SAGAN (BORA-HANSGROHE) – stage winner

Intense stage (first 75.2km)
- Time: 1h30’57’’.
- Speed: 49.6km/h (top speed: 67.1km/h).
- Power: 270W (normalised power: 283W).
- 1min peak power: 540W.
- The first one and a half hours are furious today. The peloton races at a very high pace as countless ago go of the front, but no one is let go because the teams aren’t agreeing to the composition of the groups.  

Peloton drops pace (next 10km)
- Time: 16’18’’.
- Speed: 36.8km/h.
- Power: 134W.
- 1min peak power: 263W.
- As soon as the break is finally established, the hard racing winds down and the field settles into a moderate pace.

Field on Simplonpass (first 4km)
- Time: 12’26’’.
- Speed: 19.3km/h.
- Power: 361W.
- 3min peak power: 392W.
- Sagan has to ride the 20km-long climb at a hard pace. Trek-Segafredo and Team Sunweb set a very solid tempo and decrease the advantage of the break from 6’ to 3’50’’.


Into the fifth hour (km162 to 192)
- Time: 46’57’’.
- Speed: 37.8km/h.
- Power: 293W (normalised power: 326W).
- 3min peak power: 420W.
- The tempo is incredibly high now as the sprinters' teams reel back the break to less than 30’’.

Sprint to victory
- Time: 0’18’’.
- Speed: 70.5km/h (top speed: 76.2km/h).
- Power: 1220W.
- 5s peak power: 1417W.
- What a sprint by the world champion. He surprises the other sprinters with an early acceleration and opens an enormous gap with an amazing display of power.

Ben KING (TEAM DIMENSION DATA) – breakaway and 21st place

Aggressive start (first 75.2km)
- Time: 1h30’45’’.
- Speed: 49.7km/h.
- Power: 305W (normalised power: 315W).
- 1min peak power: 571W.
- King is one of the instigators of several moves and gets rewarded by getting into the breakaway that is allowed to ride away after more than 70km.  

Break pushes on (next 10km)
- Time: 13’18’’.
- Speed: 45.1km/h.
- Power: 309W
- 1min peak power: 408W.
- The American keeps up the same effort as before to establish a good gap with the five other escapees. They are working well together now and gain 3’ on the field.


Setting pace on Simplonpass (first 4km)
- Time: 12’56’’.
- Speed: 18.6km/h.
- Power: 331W
- 3min peak power: 355W.
- King appears to be the strongest rider in the break, riding at the front for most of the climb and causing others to suffer on his wheel. 

Simplonpass mountain sprint 
- Time: 0’13’’.
- Power: 989W
- Peak power: 1223W.

Druogno KOM (last 2km)
- Time: 4’25’’.
- Speed: 27.2km/h.
- Power: 383W.
- 20s sprint power: 891W.
- Still going strong in the break ahead of a now heavily chasing field. The 20s-long sprint after a long climb is particularly impressive for the breakaway specialist. 


Fighting to survive (from 18km to 5.5km to go)
- Time: 15’47’’.
- Speed: 47.5km/h
- Power: 340W (normalised power: 354W).
- 1min sprint power: 437W.
- Still going strong in the break ahead of a now heavily chasing field. The 20s-long sprint after a long climb is particularly impressive for the breakaway specialist. 

Full Stage
- Time: 5h15’50’’.
- Speed: 42.2km/h.
- Power: 280W (normalised power: 308W).
- 1min peak power: 575W.
- Calories: 5762 or 23 hamburgers and powering 70 4W LEDs for the duration of the stage.
King is the rider of the day. Five hard hours in the breakaway and still finishes at the front end of the field in 21st position.


Michael ALBASINI (ORICA-SCOTT) – 2nd place

Sprint to second place
- Time: 0’19’’.
- Speed: 66.9km/h
- Power: 847W.
- 5s peak power: 1063W.
- Albasini is one of the first to react to Sagan’s jump and puts out a long sprint himself to finish second, several bike lengths behind the stage winner.


Full stage
- Time: 5h16’14’’.
- Speed: 42.2km/h.
- Power: 222W (normalised power: 256W).
- 1min peak power: 462W.
- Calories: 4574 or 18 hamburgers and powering 55 4W LEDs for the duration of the stage. 

We will be tracking data from a selection of riders live on every stage of the Tour de Suisse and you can follow their power, cadence, heart rate and speed by downloading the Velon app.

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